KeyNote Speaking

The below Keynotes are tailored and customized for every client.  Titles and key learnings may be edited to incorporate meeting themes, client jargon and industry language.

Mastering Client Engagement

  • How to enhance the client experience and build brand loyalty
  • Ideas to spark employee engagement through implementation, empowerment, sustainability, and accountability
  • Creating advocates for your business when things go wrong

Authentic Leadership—Leading with the Heart

  • Discover why focusing on culture is key to connecting leaders and teams
  • Develop strategies for setting expectations and accountability
  • Learn how to effectively provide feedback and appreciation

Humanizing Customer Service in a Technology World

  • Build awareness to deviate from process
  • Discover the emotional element in customer service
  • Enhance the client experience and build brand loyalty

Embracing Conflict

  • Defining types of conflict
  • Building Awareness of how we address conflict
  • 4 tools to overcome embrace it and dissolve

Taking the Temperature of Client Engagement

  • Tailor experiences to enhance brand loyalty
  • Develop a service recovery plan
  • Gain referrals

Future Speaking Engagements – 2020

  • Janaury 19th – Naperville Chamber Virtual Event
  • Januaruy 27th– Naperville Chamber Virtual Event
  • February 11th – MPI Leadership Exchange
  • July 8, 2021– Leadership Institute – Naperville Chamber of Commerce